School Meal Funds Procedure

The New Castle County Vocational Technical School District School Nutrition Services recognizes that healthy, nutritious meals are an important component to student readiness and ability to learn.  NCCVT School District shall provide nutritious and well-balanced meals in the school meal programs.  By statute, the District’s Nutrition Services department is a self-supporting fund that shall not have a negative balance at the close of a fiscal year.  Unpaid charges place a financial strain on the Nutrition Services Department and on the District’s operating budget.  To be fair and equitable and in order to ensure compliance of all who participate in the school meal program, the procedure establishes practices for methods of payment, charge availability and collection methods.  

Nutrition Services establishes the following goals:  To establish a consistent district procedure regarding the method of payment for meals, charge availability and collection methods for charges in the district’s meal program.  To treat all students with dignity at all times.  To waive all cost for students who are eligible and approved free or reduced school meals after completing the Delaware Department of Education approved Free and Reduced Price School Meals Household Application or qualifying through the Delaware SNAP, TANF or DCRT.  To support positive interactions with students, parent(s)/guardian(s), and district staff to the maximum extent possible.  To encourage the parent(s)/guardian(s) to assume the responsibility of payments and to promote self-responsibility of the student.

Access our School Meal Funds Procedure here: School Meal Funds Procedure